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PAM + barada on Debian wheeze

Barada (Barada Ain’t Respecting Any Devious Adversaries) is a two factor authentication software based on a pam module for Linux and an Android client.

Get the software for Linux here:

* apt-get install libpam-barada
* apt-get install libboost-system-dev
* apt-get install libboost-filesystem-dev

Configure the PAM module. You can read in the README file the install instructions:

13 # Disallow non-root logins when /etc/nologin exists.
14 account required
16 # XXX
17 # surmano barada
18 auth sufficient
20 # Uncomment and edit /etc/security/access.conf if you need to set complex
21 # access limits that are hard to express in sshd_config.
22 # account required

Then, add an user with barada-add:

/usr/local/bin/barada-add <username> <pin>

PanoramaBar barada-pam-0.5 # barada-add borja 1234
Added borja with key:

As the final step, go to Android Market and install the Barada Client.
Configure it with the key generated by barada-add. When logging into the system, PAM will ask the key which is generated by the barada android cliente.

Happy login! 😀

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