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Month: September 2012

PF_RING + intel igb + snort + DAQ on debian

In this article, I’m going to resume the steps to have a full packet capture solution with snort IDS and Intel NIC’s.

This solutions is based on Luca Deri’s software PF_RING, a new type of socket to exploit the capabilities of packet capture and snort.

We will follow these steps

  1. Download and compile PF_RING
  2. Compile the PF_RING aware network driver
  3. Compile the libpcap
  4. Download and compile DAQ
  5. Compile PF_RING DAQ module
  6. Download and compile snort agains DAQ

bypassing devmem_is_allowed with kernel probes

In this article I’m going to illustrate how to read the full content of /dev/mem on linux 3.x machines. I will bypass the function devmem_is_allowed with a kernel return probe.

The kernel probes is a kernel component designed for kernel developers to debug the system internals.It can dynamically break into any kernel routine and modify the function’s behavour. This proves had been heavily since yeah by kernel developers. RedHat has build an user interface to kprobes called SystemTap
You can find kprobes’ documentation in Documentation/kprobes.txt. You should also download the article example files kprobe.tgz

NetBSD i386 shellcoding

This article shows basic shellcoding on NetBSD/i386. I hope this won’t be the last on exploitation BSD archs.
The playground is prepared with a fresh NetBSD 5.1.2 installation, virtualized with kvm.

net# uname -a
NetBSD net 5.1.2 NetBSD 5.1.2 (GENERIC) #0: Thu Feb  2 17:22:10 UTC 2012 i386